Golden tears


My blog there are a few years old, and over the years has formed a little list of blogs/ bloggers who ever-forever give me joy with their awesome quality posts. Now I feel the need to share this list. Thank you, guys! You’re make my dash so awesome:
A - D

alwaysmarilynmonroeavalaviniasbeauvelvetbitchtoss (rock-star on my dash)damestreepdanakatherinescullysdorothystrattensdigthe60s

G - J

gracekellydailygrantcaryinlovewithaudreyhepburniamnotaslag (living embodiment of vintage perfection)jeanharlows

L - M


N - R

normajeanebaker (Brigitte&Marilyn gifs)nancyspungens (Debbie Harry & punk culture)onlyediesedgwickpaulmcfruityrosemariealbachs

S - ∞

sharontates (just best vintagesonia)satninsharontate-polanskisophialorenstimelessaudrey (best rare Audrey’s scans)woman-unkind80s-90s-supermodels

I hope I didn’t forget anyone! I’m really sorry if I did!

When 6th graders complain about how hard school is